Tuina Clinic and Private Tutorials

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Tuina manual therapy

Chinese manual therapy that helps to increase circulation, decrease pain, and regulate bodily functions.

(1 hour)
$ 89.00

Private Lesson/Movement tutorial

Movements and methods extracted from martial arts, meditation, strength/conditioning, and flexibility/mobility to aid in; injury recovery and prevention, general maintenance, exercise preparation and post practice suggestions, as well as physical asymmetry, and chronic and acute pain.

NOTE- Movement tutorial not available Monday, Wednesday, or Friday during the 4 and 5pm slots.

(1 hour)
$ 89.00

Manual therapy and movement tutorial

Approximately one hour of movement based on your needs and goals, followed by a full Tuina appointment.

(2 hours)
$ 159.00

Traction table

Tuina manual therapy warm up then on to the stretch table. Decompress and relieve the effects of gravity. Particularly useful for spinal compression.

(1 hour)
$ 149.00